X-Message-Number: 4464
From: Brian Wowk <>
Date: Mon, 29 May 1995 01:34:22 -0500
Subject: Brain scanning & Cremation

Yvan Bozzonetti <> writes:
>Wowk's case is somewhat out of my possibilities : I have never said I am 
>ready to spend $ millions, I have not them ! Where come from the idea to 
>detonate X- bombs near the head of patients ?
        Last year you proposed to use long coherence length
x-rays to scan brains with nanometer resolution.  I believe you
also said that the only sources of such x-rays were nuclear devices.
        Now you are proposing to use interferometry of sound and
radio radio waves to scan brains with with nanometer resolution,
and say that you cannot find money for this work because it is only
of interest to the small cryonics and uploading community.
        I have news for you: Brain scanning (even at 1mm resolution)
is a multi-billion dollar industry.  If the devices you are proposing
are possible, you should have no trouble getting research grants from 
Siemens, Philips, General Electric, or any of dozens of other medical 
imaging companies.  Why don't you post your messages to sci.med.physics?
Come back and talk to us after you build your device, revolutionize
radiology, and win your Nobel Prizes in physics and medicine.
>If I pursue my objective, I must end up cremated ? Well, I think  a 
>sufficient technology could bring back to life a cremated person using 
>some form of miracle system. 
        Wonderful.  Why worry about uploading at all then?
>If I don't say more about that, it is simply 
>because I would need very, very, VERRRRYYYY long physical explanation to do 
>that. I'll try, but I need before some holydays ! I'll be back for July 
        I can hardly wait. :(
---Brian Wowk

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