X-Message-Number: 4484
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 1995 22:08:24 -0400
Subject: #4480

A couple of quick comments on Eugen Leitl's #4480:

1. Life insurance would not necessarily be ruled out to fund cases of suicide
or euthanasia prior to cryostasis. It is highly unlikely that such cases
would materially affect the mortality tables. 

2. Non-destructive scanning? I haven't checked the numbers or done the
arithmetic, but I have a vague impression that worth-while information might
be obtained by recording the natural radiation from a frozen patient, over
extended time. Natural radiation, of course, is not completely
non-destructive, but it is unavoidable in any case. (There are also other
possibilities, which I don't have time to mention here.)

Robert Ettinger

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