X-Message-Number: 4497
Date: 11 Jun 95 17:34:34 EDT
From: Saul Kent <>
Subject: Funding For Research

	I agree with Charles Platt about the relative failure of
cryonicists to fund cryonics research. I have found it frustrating for
	As far as Bob Ettinger's comments on the subject: 
	I agree with Bob that no one should "impoverish himself" by
contributing to cryonics research. My frustration is with cryonicists
who can well afford to support research that "might well yield hugely
disproportionate rewards". I would go further by stating that, in my
opinion, there is an *excellent* chance that easily affordable support
for cryonics research *will*, in fact, yield "hugely disproportionate
	As far as Robin Helweg-Larsen's comments:
	I agree that, in general, urging people to "invest" their money
in research is a better strategy than urging them to "donate" money for
research, although I don't yet have evidence that this distinction is
especially significant for *cryonics* research.
	My fundraising proposal for brain cryopreservation research is
not yet complete. One reason for this is that I am spending most of my
time making money myself. The proposal will be completed as soon as I
have enough time to do so.
	When my proposal is complete, I will make some effort to see to
it that everyone in Cryonics (and a few people on the periphery of
Cryonics) who can afford to invest substantial funds in cryonics
research receives a copy of it.
	Unless this proposal is successful, I expect it will be the last
time I will spend any significant time trying to persuade others to
invest their money in cryonics research. 
	I have found it *much* easier to make money and then to invest
some of it in cryonics research than to persuade *others* to invest
their money in cryonics research.
	Perhaps that will change.
	We will see.

---Saul Kent

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