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Date:  Mon, 12 Jun 95 13:49:48 
From: dave <>
Subject: research

In reply to Robin H-L
>From Dave pizer

Since moving from our old building in California, Alcor now is in the 
proper zoning to continue its history of cryonics research.  In addition, 
when we lost Jerry and Mike it took a while to find new qualified persons 
who could do the type of research that is needed.  We have recenlty 
assembled a team we have confidence in. Therefore, Alcor has just started to 
build a new, larger lab.  In addition, we were lucky enough to have a 
hospital that was moving donate a truckload of extra equipment to us. 
Construction should all be complete within 30 days.

Earlier this year Alcor had a fundraising project where we were mildly 
successful in raising $40,000 for our operations.  Now we are starting a 
second fundraising project to try to raise additional money for research.  
We know from experience that even when everything seems "right" there are 
still some people who would rather invest than donate.

With this in mind, some Alcor members are forming a for-profit research 
company.  We are building a lab for this company in the same building that 
Alcor is in.  It should be completed in 30 days.  The new company will focus 
on trying to develop vitrification for organ transplantation and developing 
other cryo-technologies.   We know we have set a large goal.  

We will accept investments in this company, and we are trading some 
scientists and medical personnel company stock for their help.  This 
company is forming now. If anyone wishes to know more about this, they 
should call me.  This is not a solicitation for investment.

Dave Pizer  (602)  922-9013

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