X-Message-Number: 4516
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 1995 20:08:49 -0400
Subject: Suspension Services

In a recent article in a cryonics publication, it is stated that American 
Cryonics Society no longer has a contract with Mike Darwin's Biopreservation,
Inc., and that the cancellation of this contract was done by Mr. Darwin.

Since this appears to be the second time, in the short few months I have been
studying cryonics issues and reviewing the credentials of the various organi-
zations, that Mr. Darwin has ceased to do business with a long-established
cryonics service provider, I would truly appreciate receiving information as
to how and why this latest split came about.

Anyone having facts regarding this that you would prefer not to post in pub-
lic, please feel free to direct them to my private email. 

Please, folks, I do not intend in asking about this to renew any political or
flaming threads.  Cryonet has been quite civilized lately.  As a prospective
cryonics service customer, I'd just like to hear all the facts.

Guy Gipson

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