X-Message-Number: 4565
Date: 28 Jun 95 23:18:19 EDT
From: Jim Davidson <>
Subject: My background

My, my, my, what a compliment.  Did Mike Darwin just say that _I_ seem to know a
great deal about evolutionary biology?  I think he did.  Not good for my
humility quota.

My background includes graduating summa cum laude from high school,
matriculating to Columbia University as a John Jay Scholar and National Merit
Scholar where I got a BA in American History (minoring in astrophysics).  In
1987, I finished my MBA at Rice, worked for 4 years in aerospace, and have done
sundry other things since including teaching at community colleges.

Most of what I know about human predatory behavior I learned from reading John
Campbell's editorials in _Analog_, various fact articles, and such.  I know

rather a great deal about human origins from my anthropology studies at Columbia

and from my personal interest in early human culture.  _National Geographic_ and
_Scientific American_ contributed prominently to my knowledge base.

But enough about me.  What's really interesting is the future.  Though I plan to
figure in the future for the next few thousand years, I'm not expecting to be
all that prominent.


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