X-Message-Number: 4572
Date: 29 Jun 95 20:57:43 EDT
From: Paul Wakfer <>
Subject: Neuro/Whole-body Ratio

     The latest issue of CryoCare report states that half of its members
are signed up for whole-body cryopreservation and half for neuro. For
CryoSpan planning purposes, I had estimated that CryoSpan would be getting
about 50% more neuro than whole-body patients (and that was not counting
the brain-only patients which only come as the result of autopsy or other
calamitous event).
     For planning purposes, it is useful to know the patient type ratio
since this impacts the type of storage vessel used and the efficiency of
storage. Since the neuro or whole-body question is often discussed on
CryoNet, I believe that CryoNet readers would also be interested to know
the neuro/whole-body sign-up figures for the other organizations and since
I can't see that publishing such numbers violates any individual's privacy,
I hereby request the cryonics organizations to post these figures to
CryoNet please.

-- Paul --

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