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Date: Fri, 30 Jun 1995 17:22:57 -0800
From:  (American Cryonics Society)

In CryoNet #4570 Peter Merel is critical of the lack of tact of Steve,
Charles and I in our recent exchange on cancellation of the American
Cryonics Society-BioPreservation (ACS-BPI) contract.

Oh, I don't know, Peter.  On balance, I think the three of us did OK.
While all countries haven't been heard from yet, and the last word still
may not have been said, we weren't all *that* critical of each other.

ACS doesn't respond to all criticism of it or its program; we simply take
it on the chin and shrug it off a good deal of the time.  We have little
choice but to respond to a posting about us from the President of another
cryonics organization, and the appropriate person to respond is our own
President.  Failure to do so can simply encourages member response, which
is usually less informed and tactful, and more likely to result in hard

It also seems to me that there was a good deal of information posted on the
differences in approach by the various organizations.  If I was now looking
at the suspension programs being offered, I think I would appreciate the
frank exchange.  Also, a good portion of my posts were criticisms of ALL OF
US and pointed out how better cooperation would be beneficial.

Over-all ACS has good relations with both CryoCare and Alcor, which we
expect will continue.  If we progress further towards cooperation and
mutual assistance (and I think we have a good shot at it), it will be
partly due to the tact and good will of both Charles and Steve.

Long life,

Jim Yount

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