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[Commentary on science and technology issues]

[Table of Contents, most recent issue]

WHY HASN'T AIDS BEEN CURED? - Dr Geoffrey Harrison examines the nature
of HIV and why it has resisted all attempts to control it so far. 

BANKING ON MATHS MODELS - Banks are relying on mathematical models of
market risks to avoid going the way of Barings, explains Nick Reed. 

REAL TIME FINANCIAL FORECASTS - Now you can get real time financial
market information on the Web and a scientific analysis of the way the
markets are moving. 

SCANNING WITH AN ELECTRON EYE - Dr Alan Brooker explains how the
scanning electron microscope can see at magnifications of up to

THE 2ND LAW OF IT PROJECT FAILURE - As many as a quarter of large-scale
IT projects turn into disasters.  Dr Richard Seabrook thinks the 2nd Law
of Thermodynamics helps explain why. 

ENTER, VIRTUAL STAGE LEFT - As TV and movie producers start to use of
virtual studios, virtual actors are turning up for auditions. 

TEST DUMMY DEMANDS COMFORT - Cars will be more comfortable in the future
because a new test dummy can transform itself into all human shapes and

superhighway to the information society it must not forget that the
society is more important than the information. 

DROWNING BY NUMBERS - Humans and computers understand numbers in
different ways - which is bad news for science, argues Peter Kruger. 

FORUM - Editor's comment, how to send feedback to Thesis, and an
invitation to contribute to the magazine. 

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