X-Message-Number: 4597
Date: 02 Jul 95 14:26:33 EDT
From: Saul Kent <>
Subject: Fear

	A few words about fear.  I believe I am one of the most *and*
least fearful of people. Bob Ettinger stated that most people are more
afraid of things other than death. I am the opposite (although I was
not always so). The *only* thing I fear is death, but that fear is
controlled by my belief that it is possible to conquer death, and my
actions in attempting to conquer it. As a result, I do not hesitate in
taking risks--such as flying on airplanes--that could lead to permanent
death because I believe that taking such risks will contribute to my
chances of survival. On the other hand, I have *no* fear of the FDA
precisely because--in my opinion--the FDA's actions are counterproduc-
tive to my survival.

---Saul Kent

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