X-Message-Number: 4815
From:  (Thomas Donaldson)
Subject: Re: CryoNet #4747 - #4750
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 1995 23:02:10 -0700 (PDT)

Hi again!

Re Mike Darwin's comments: I would have pointed out that RF works quite well
if Mike hadn't already done so. Fixation of SOME kind may someday become
important, but as yet no one has invented a fixative that has any chance at
all of working, not to mention helping a cryonic suspension. It is something
to think about AFTER our revival, not before. (As I hope readers know, 
I personally doubt that the basic idea of cryonics, which is not freezing but
the idea of keeping as much information about someone as you can, will NOT
go away ... even if we can freeze and revive perfectly and have no problem
with aging at all. The world is just too unfriendly).

			Best and long long life,

				Thomas Donaldson

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