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Subject: CRYONICS -- Venturism & Taxes
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Dear Dr. Cryo,
               Why are the venturists no longer a church?  Did the IRS 
examine them and detect an insufficient piety?  Or were some Venturists 
uncomfortable with the label "Religion"?  How does this affect the Venturists'
financial and tax status?  Are official heresies entitled to non-
taxable status?

               Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

[ According to the Summer 1988 issue of Venturist Voice, the name "Church of
Venturism, Inc." was unpopular with many of the members (and some of the
detractors, too).  The original reason for using the word "church" was to
"obtain Constitutional equality with religious movements" to support a
religious objection to autopsy and also support a religious preference for
being frozen upon legal death.  I do not know what "piety requirement", if any,
the IRS has for a church.  The article simply stated "... as we discovered in
the course of inquiry about our tax status, we do not meet the legal
requirements of a church, though we DO qualify as a religious institution."
That is sufficient for nonprofit, tax-exempt status (and presumably also for
the religious objection to autopsy).
The change of name to "Society for Venturism, Inc." will take many months,
since it requires changing the incorporation in Arizona, filing for a name
change with the IRS, and notification of the Post Office (for bulk rate mail).]

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