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From: Saul Kent
Subject: Sample letter to Dexter Lehtinen

			       The Life Extension Foundation
			       2490 Griffin Road
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Oct. 15, 1991

Dear Friend,

  The Life Extension Foundation (LEF) is the Number One political enemy
of the U.S. Food And Drug Administration (FDA).

  The Foundation's efforts to stop H.R. 2597 - the bill that would
markedly increase the FDA's enforcement powers - have had considerable
influence on key members of Congress.  Our efforts to stop the FDA from
banning amino acids and other safe and healthful nutrients have put
considerable pressure on the FDA to "reconsider" its plans to remove
these products from the free market.  Our efforts to help patients
suffering from terminal diseases gain access to safe-and-effective
therapies from other countries has caused the FDA considerable

  The FDA has struck back by threatening to imprison The Foundation
Officers, Saul Kent and William Faloon, for vague, undefined "crimes",
and to shut The Foundation down in order to "protect the public".
A few weeks ago, we asked you to send letters protesting the FDA's
reign of terror against The Foundation to David Mellinger, the U.S
Attorney prosecuting the case.  The hundreds of letters you've sent to
Mr. Mellinger have been very helpful.  They've made it clear to
Mr. Mellinger that there is tremendous support for The Foundation
among citizens throughout the United States and that he'd better think
twice about implementing the FDA's strong-arm tactics.

  Although your letters have postponed our arrest, Mr. Mellinger is
  still threatening to throw Saul Kent and William Faloon in jail and
  throw away the key!

  The next step is to appeal directly to Mr. Mellinger's boss, Dexter
Lehtinen, the head of the U.S. Attorney's office in South Florida.
If enough of you send Mr. Lehtinen copies of the enclosed letter, he
may finally understand that it would be a grave mistake for the U.S.
Attorney's office to arrest and prosecute us on behalf of the FDA.
However, before you sign the enclosed letter and send it to the U.S.
Attorney's office, please make photocopies of it (along with this
letter) and pass these copies on to every one of your friends who
cherishes freedom and justice.  Please ask your friends to register
their protests about the FDA's outrageous attacks on The Life Extension
Foundation to U.S. Attorney Lehtinen by sending in their letters and
passing blank copies on to others.

  Please mail or fax a signed copy of the enclosed letter to the
following address:

    U.S. Attorney Dexter Lehtinen
    c/o Zuckerman & Spaeder
    201 South Biscayne Boulevard, #900
    Miami, Florida 33131
    FAX: (305) 579-9749

  By mailing a copy of the enclosed letter to the U.S. Attorney's
office in South Florida, you'll be striking a blow for freedom of
choice in healthcare.  Do it now!

The Life Extension Foundation
Saul Kent, President


Oct. 15, 1991

U.S. Attorney Dexter Lehtinen
c/o Zuckerman & Spaeder
201 South Biscayne Boulevard, #900
Miami, Florida 33131

Dear Mr. Lehtinen:

  I have been informed that your office is conducting a criminal
investigation into the activities of The Life Extension Foundation
(LEF) at the request of the U.S. Food And Drug Administration (FDA).
I also understand that you are considering filing criminal charges
against The Foundation's officers, Saul Kent and William Faloon.

  I urge you to reconsider your actions.  I think it is outrageous
that you are spending my tax dollars on this investigation because
LEF provides the public with information about research and therapies
to extend the quality and length of the human lifespan.  If the FDA
wants to challenge the accuracy or validity of any of the information
provided by The Foundation, it should do so in a civil manner, on the
basis of scientific evidence, not through criminal prosecution.

  The Life Extension Foundation has always made a conscious effort to
act within FDA guidelines in an effort to serve the public.  If you
look into the history of FDA policy, you'll find that FDA regulations
and guidelines permit the dissemination of accurate information about
dietary supplements based upon scientific studies.  You'll also find
that the FDA permits Americans to import unapproved products from other
countries for personal use, so long as these products are not promoted
fraudulently.  Did you know that the FDA has never even informed The
Foundation of the FDA's apparent belief that some of The Foundation's
activities may be in violation of FDA policy?  Did you know that The
Foundation has available tens of thousands of pages of scientific
evidence - as well as the sworn testimony of hundreds of doctors and
scientists - to document the accuracy and validity of its information?

  I think you ought to know that the American people are totally behind
The Life Extension Foundation.  A recent poll by The Werthlin Group
(1991) showed that up to 98% of Americans want the kind of freedom of
choice in healthcare that is available through the information
provided by The Foundation.

  If you take an objective look at the evidence in the FDA's "case"
against The Life Extension Foundation, I think you'll find that no
"crimes" have been committed by The Foundation, or its officers, and
that The FDA's sole motive in urging you to prosecute The Foundation
is to silence its Number One Critic.  Surely, it would be in the best
interests of the public for your office to drop your investigation of
The Foundation immediately.

  A criminal prosecution of the Life Extension Foundation of Messrs.
Kent and Faloon would cause tremendous harm to thousands of Americans
who depend upon The Foundation and its officers for information and
guidance.  A prosecution also would silence the FDA's Number One Critic
and would inhibit other people from speaking out against the FDA.
This should not be permitted to occur.  I request that your office
decline to prosecute criminally The Life Extension Foundation and its

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