X-Message-Number: 504
Subject: Alcor Publicity
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 91 22:02:03 PDT

Here's an example of my sneaking the Alcor name into the average person's

Look at this .sig I found in someone's message.  He is a GM and a player
in my Diplomacy zine and obviously used the modified quote that I posted.
(I attributed it to the person who originally wrote it plus the person
who suggested a line change.) [See message #474 - KQB]

Greg Paul  (Mouser)		|	paulg@{egr|cps}.msu.edu
Case Center Consultant		|	Triangle Fraternity
"Should we put him in a box?  He won't jump out.  don't need locks.  Should we 

 put him in a tomb?  He doesn't seem to need much room.  Should we put him in a
  jar?  Or spread his ashes near and far?  Should we salvage him for parts?  
 There's always a demand for hearts!  Should we send him into space?  It 
 appeared to be his normal place.  Should we wrap him tight with gauze?  And 
 give him to a noble cause?  Should we freeze him in a bag?  We didn't see an 

 Alcor tag.  Let's just watch; see what he does.  Let us, let us, Ted-That-Was."
 	- Dr. Suess meets The Reaper		 

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