X-Message-Number: 512
Date: 28 Oct 91 22:55:08 EST
From: Hank Lederer <>
Subject: Re: cryonics: #511

Regarding Tom Donaldson's request for comments (#511) on scary stories.  I think
murder mysteries will remain popular when people live millenia, since it will 

still be possible to permanently destroy someone, even with backup copies, etc.
It'll just take more planning.
I enjoyed the scary story and I don't think such tales hurt cryonics.  If a 

story is well done, many will read it and the meme of cryonics will spread.  The
negative aspects will tend to be overshadowed by the positive, expecially 
(only?) among thoughtful people.  And how many non-thinking types are going to 
sign up for cryonics anyway? 

As a person matures, that person finds that many things he/she believed as a 
child were not so...Santa, elves, witches on broomsticks, happily ever after, 

rockets can't work in a vacuum, etc. So we're taught to believe things that turn

out not to be what we were originally told and we accept this as part of growing

up. In order to change our minds, we have to be introduced to a given concept in
the first place.  Scary cryonics stories can do this. Now if Steven King would 
write a cryonics based (horror) best seller....        
                                                   Hank Lederer

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