X-Message-Number: 513
Date: 29 Oct 91 21:29:37 EST
From: Thomas Donaldson <>
Subject: Re: cryonics: #512

My own problem with the story is simply that there have been far too many
scary cryonics stories. Sure, people can be introduced to the idea: but
if they never meet it except in the context of fear and (as seen by a 
cryonicist) evil and malfeasance, the idea is hardly going to attract 
them. Think about the way you may have been told about "drugs" when you
were a kid. Or for that matter, about any group or idea not in favor.

One interesting development in cryonics has been a growing obsession with
identity. It's interesting because it may suggest which way we will take:
instead of simple "death", we may culturally see many stories about the
theme of identity, its loss, regaining it, twisting it, injuring it,
enhancing it, etc. Personally I suspect that murder stories will seem 
forgotten and childish: a rather blunt thing to do to someone, when 
there are so many far more subtle things ....

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