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Date: 03 Nov 91 00:44:46 EST
From: "Russell E. Whitaker" <>
Subject: CRYONICS Minutes: Alcor UK 6 October 91

Minutes of the Alcor UK meeting, 6 Oct 1991

Held at the home of Alan Sinclair
  "The Thatched Cottage"
  Jevington Road
  Nr. Polegate
  East Sussex  BN26 5NX
Meeting began at 1105.

Present were: 
  Russell E. Whitaker
  Alan Sinclair
  Mike Price
  Garret Smyth
  Steve Whitrow
  Chris Benatar

First order of business was a short discussion of agenda.

1.) Alan stated that he has an unsatisfactory picture of the number of
UK inquiries to Alcor (Southern California) and subsequent signups.
We need the figures from Alcor.  We should arrange communication with
Alcor SC so that we are notified when ASC sends info to a prospect in
the UK.  If a person has gone as far as to request a signup kit,
we should know.

2.) Garret Smyth suggested that we should order some extra copies of the
back issues of *Cryonics* magazine from Alcor; we would then have more
material to send to membership prospects, i.e. anyone ASC is in contact
with here.  Sending one or two magazine samples would serve to reinforce
the knowledge that the recipient is dealing with a local organization.
Some suggestions were made with regard to cover letters and other
material to be included.

3.) We should formalize our relationship with Alcor U.S.  Doing so would
be appropriately professional, and establish an explicit framework within
which to approach mutual dealings with them.

4.) A questionnaire was suggested, to be included with a proposed
"local introduction packet".

5.) The bulk of the time of the meeting was devoted to issues of
pressing financial concern.  The centerpiece of the discussion was
the issue of financing for the Alcor UK facility in nearby
Eastbourne.  A small association of private investors is to buy out
one-half interest in the facility, thus taking a considerable
financial burden off Alan.
  A half-dozen parties to the agreement - several individuals,
including some present at the meeting, and Alcor Southern California -
have raised the necessary funds.  The primary delay in executing the
paperwork was the uncertain location of the originals to the agreement;
the documents had, it appeared, been lost by Federal Express in transit
to a signatory in Northern California.
  Tracing the documents was proving impossible.  Several options for
successfully and quickly sending a second set were discussed, with a
decision pending further phone calls to ASC and the Northern California

6.) Brief discussion of the terms of the agreement followed, for the
benefit of those at the meeting who were new, and to inform a new
arrival who had decided some weeks previously to participate in the
investment partnership.  Of particular note was the section of the
agreement which limited initial ownership to Alcor Suspension Members, and
Alcor Southern California.  Another noteworthy section "locks in"
partnership for a period of 5 years.  These and other considerations
are intended to insure that participants have a personal, relatively
long-term interest in the success and upkeep of the facility.

7.) Some brief discussion of the need to upgrade and practice basic
medical skills.  Only one member present with medical training and
experience, Russ Whitaker.  Russ stated that he will train local members
on emergency response skills.  Alan Sinclair offered to reimburse all or
some of the cost of sending a dedicated local member through the
U.K. equivalent of American "emergency medical technician" training.
Russ will check on course tuition for various levels of medical
training at local schools and polytechnics (London area).  Garret
states an interest in taking such a course.

8.) Several people voice the opinion that a simple, regular, locally
produced newsletter would raise our visibility with local members and
prospects.  Such an effort might help to draw together the local
membership, as does *Cryonics* magazine for the global membership.
  A suggestion is made to initially restrict the newsletter to 1 (one)
double sided A4 page (European standard).  This would make it easier to
actually publish the letter, and keep down postage costs.
  Offers are made by both Russ Whitaker and Chris Benatar to allow the
use of their computer equipment and printers.  Russ has a PC clone, 80386,
and a Macintosh network, both running Aldus PageMaker; Chris has a
PC network.  Both have laser printers.
  Action on this item deferred until next meeting.  Provisional first
article in first issue to be a piece by Garret Smyth describing the
quite favorable reception given him at a gathering of undertakers and
embalmers; another to mention the recent interview of him by the BBC.

5.) Some discussion of pagers and a telephone tree.  Proposed by Russ
to establish the first rudiments of a systematic and quick response
capability.  Alan and Russ volunteer to buy their own pagers.

6.) Discussion of state of equipment in the facility, medical equipment
suppliers, dry ice suppliers.  A note is made that the only place locally
at which re-usable medical instruments can be sterilized is Guy's Hospital
on London's South Bank (Thames/Embankment area).

7.) Alan and Garret note that Mike Darwin of ASC should be asked to send
a copy of recent updates to the transport protocols, such as administrative
paperwork, checklists, changes to medications, etc.

8.) Skills practice session tentatively scheduled for next meeting, with
emphasis on skills taught to U.K. members during the last training visit
of Jerry Leaf and Mike Darwin.  Russ to help out.

9.) Alan suggests finding out from Alcor how much they would charge to
sell us a patient storage dewar.  A suggestion is made by Russ that the
interest be confined at present to one Bigfoot dewar; Alan, however,
expresses interest in Dr. James Bedford's pre-transfer dewar.

10.) The UK facility needs a dry ice container.  Some questions arise: e.g.
how long can we keep dry ice stored, and by what method?  Local members
will seek the expert advice of Mike Darwin and Hugh Hixon.

11.) Alan passed around a fax sent from Dr. Ralph Merkle in Palo Alto,
California, outlining a visit he will make to London, for a week in
early December.  Dr. Merkle mentions his availability during the visit
for discussions on nanotechnology and cryonics; Garret and Russell will
make arrangements for him to speak at various places.

12.) Some discussion about the upcoming BBC youth-oriented science
series, "Short Circuit", which may air soon.  One episode is believed to
feature cryonics.

13.) *Cryonics* magazine and the new Alcor introductory booklet will be
placed by some local members in various bookshops, and in a few key
libraries.  Possibilities for sales are in shops such as London's
Forbidden Planet, which carry a variety of material, such as the
magazine "Mondo 2000".  Placing the material in a library, such as the
British Museum Library, would create a card catalog entry for "cryonics",
which might be at least a marginal help: many of Alcor's present
members are people who followed quite tenous trails to find Alcor.

14.) Some discussion is made about UK and European requirements for
shipping patients.  Most notable is the necessity of securing "Freedom
>From Infection" certificates for UK shipping.  Such a consideration
warranted Alan's decision to have our patient shipping container
purpose-built to comply with these guidelines.  The container itself
was built to Alan's specifications by a subcontractor to British
  Discussion on the state of shipping from continental Europe was
shelved until a subsequent meeting; agreement was had that our focus
should rest solely on local capability, after which the continentals
could be more carefully considered.  An interesting point was made in
passing, however, that Alan plans modification to the ambulance engine
and fuel tanks to allow for a greatly extended range.  Such a range
would take advantage of the easier access to Europe made possible by
the Channel Tunnel (or "Chunnel"), roughly a year from completion.

Meeting ended at 1615, and all present went to the Eastbourne facility,
to allow the new local member, a Yank - Russell Whitaker - to take a
first look.

Respectfully submitted,

Russell Earl Whitaker
Recording Secretary

1.) Electronic mail (email) copy to Alcor, for printing and distribution
    at 3 November 91 ASC board meeting
2.) Fax copy to Alcor Southern California
3.) Post to Usenet "cryonet" forum
4.) Fax to Alan Sinclair
5.) Electronic (diskette) distribution at 3 November 91 AUK meeting

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