X-Message-Number: 5212
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 1995 04:09:33 -0800 (PST)
From: Doug Skrecky <>
Subject: addresses

    The following are the addresses that will be appended to my funny life
 extension article when it is uploaded to various newsgroups. If anyone
 prefers any changes please email  with
    If there is any significant response with this plans are to upload
 "Cryonet Gulch" as well with the same addresses. 

  Alcor Life Extension Foundation
  7895 E. Acoma Dr. 
  Suite 110
  Scottsdale, AZ USA 85260
  Voice: 602-922-9013 or 800-367-2228
  Fax:  602-922-9027
  WWW:  http://www.webcom.com/~alcor

  The American Cryonics Society (ACS)
  P.O. Box 1509
  Cupertino, CA USA 95015
  Phone: 408-734-4200 or 408-734-4441
  Fax:  408-734-4441 or 408-725-0885

  CryoCare Foundation
  10627 Youngworth Road
  Culver City, CA USA 90230
  Phone: 800-867-2273 or 800-TOP-CARE

  Cryonics Institute (CI)
  24355 Sorrentino Court
  Clinton Township, MI USA 48035
  Phone: 810-791-5961
  Fax:  810-792-7062

  Cryonics Society of Canada
  P.O. Box 788, Station A
  40 Bay Street
  Toronto, Ontario
  Canada M5W 1G3
  Phone: 416-534-0967

  Life Extension Foundation
  P.O. Box 229120
  Hollywood, Florida USA 33022-9120
  Phone: 800-841-5433
  WWW:  http://www.netcom.com./~lef

  707 Genesee Avenue
  Salt Lake City,UT USA 84104
  Phone: 801-355-0137
  Fax:  801-355-2320

  Trans Time, Inc. 
  10208 Pearmain St. 
  Oakland, CA USA 94603
  Phone: 510-639-1955

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