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Subject: Re: So do insurance cos really pay up when cryopatients die?
Date: 17 Nov 95 19:00:34 GMT
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In <48gpdq$> Randy <> writes:

> What I want to know is, what percentage of people who arrange for 
>cryoperservation and pay by insurance policy actually have the insurance 
>co pay up when they die?

	100%  Although some insurance companies decline to *sell*
policies for the purpose of cryonics, I am not aware of any that
have ever refused payout soley because a cryonics company was
the beneficiary.  Think about it.  If a company signs on the bottom
line approving the beneficiary of your policy when you buy it,
they would be in breach of contract if they refused to payout

	There has been some speculation that once the legal and
medical environment of cryonics changes (as it inevitably will)
so that cryonics patients are no longer considered legally
dead, that life insurance companies will no longer finance
cryonics.  In fact the exact opposite will happen.  Life insurance
companies (competing with health insurance companies) will
trip over each other for this business.  Why not?  The profit
potential (actuarial statistics, etc.) will be exactly the
same as for conventional life insurance, and cryonics insurance 
is a whole new market.

	Think of how large and important the life insurance
industry has become.  Now imagine the size of that industry
DOUBLING.  That's what cryonics will do for life insurance,
and that's why (most) life insurance companies love us.

Brian Wowk
CryoCare Foundation    

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