X-Message-Number: 5218
Date: 19 Nov 95 12:50:49 EST
From: yvan Bozzonetti <>
Subject: SCI.CRYONICS: High definition MRI

In msg 5133 B. WOWK says:

>	Sorry, David, but I design MR brain imaging methods for a
>living, and what you say here is hogwash.  If you know a way that
>simply more computer power can overcome intrinsic signal-to-noise
>limits in MRI (or any other noisy data stream), you better write up your
>method for Science Magazine right away.  Your Nobel Prize is waiting.

There is a simple way to upgrade the signal to noise level: Take data for a

longer time. With a N-times longer duration you get a square root better S/noise
ratio. If you go from 100 seconds to 10^8 s, you have a 1000 times improvement.

There is an even better solution: Use a high polarization gas, for example
hyperpolarized He3 or Xe and get a millions times stronger signal. Ultrasounds
can discriminate between very nearby domains, well beyond what is needed to
recover all brain informations.

I am not asking for a Nobel prize.

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