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From:  (Brad Templeton)
Subject: Re: Mind Uploading -> No revival of cryonics patients
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 1995 23:58:32 GMT
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In article <>, Brian Wowk <> wrote:
>	I have a number of technical and sociological problems with 
>Brad's scenario, but rather than list them I will simply observe that the  
>scenario he describes is simply one variation of the classic "Why will
>they revive us?" question of cryonics.  Stated in general terms, is

No, it is a different from those because they usually pose the question
of the world turning in ways Crynoics people don't want.  I'm talking
about something that many cryonics people *hope* for, and in fact, which
a number speculate is the way they expect to be revived, as a machine
instantiated intelligence rather than a bio-based one.

The world will remain diverse, but I expect revival to be in the class
of "very hard problems."

But that's ok, becuase the technology of revival is the same technology as
medicine for extreme cases.  In fact some have postulated that in this
world, people who are killed or very sick might get field-suspended and
shipped to a revival facility for immediate repair and revival.  (See the
Hugo-winning novel "Mirror Dance" for a hypothetical scenario.)

Anyway, the world is willing to spend almost any amount of money to save
the living, and if as a byproduct it makes tech that the dedicated few can
spend to revive the frozen, great.

However, what if the only reason to develop the revival tech is to revive
the frozen, and it remains a very hard problem.
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