X-Message-Number: 523
Date: 03 Nov 91 13:44:59 EST
From: Thomas Donaldson <>
Subject: Re: cryonics: #517 - #522

Dear Russell:
Two points, one of which isn't really for this BBS but it's been so long
I'll take it up anyway.

I don't like bureaucrats either. But I think one of the problems Alcor has
is that it has been growing bigger and bigger; and things like that will
automatically attract the attention of regulators, bureaucrats, etc etc.
So it's not quite so easy to stay outside their attention. And of course
we DO all want Alcor to grow. While in one sense I agree with Ben Best
completely, I have a feeling that we lost the opportunity to avoid notice
... if we ever really had it in the first place.

Second point: you sign yourself as someone associated with EXTROPY. Some
time ago, now into MONTHS, I sent off money for a subscription. So far
I have received neither copies nor any sort of acknowledgement. What's
going on with you guys? You raise in me deep epistemological questions
about the reality of a periodical which never comes out.

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