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From: Randy <>
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Subject: What my 7th graders thought of cryonics last spring.....
Date: 21 Nov 1995 17:47:05 GMT
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As a writing exercise for my 7th grade classes (about 125 kids) last 
spring, I made copies of Platt's Omni article on cryonics and we read and 
discussed the general idea of cryonics and the ancillary issues such as 
insurance and nanotechnology. (Many were already somewhat familiar with 
the basic principle from TV/movie sci-fi.) After a good deal of 
explanation (nanotechnology took some explaining!) we had a classroom 
discussion and I had them do some writing on the matter.

  I was interested in how many of them would look favorably on cryonics 
and how many unfavorably, etc.

 Roughly 30% or so went firmly opposed to cryonics, mainly on religious 
grounds, and some were just generally repulsed by the "gory details."

 Another 40% or so were indifferent to the concept. Of course about that 
percentage of 13 year olds are indifferent to any concept whatsoever.

  The remaining 20-30% were favorably disposed to cryonics or said they 
might be tempted to try it, given the opportunity. What was most 
interesting was the handful of kids (5% or so) who were strongly, or even 
wildly, in favor of cryonics. As the practical details of the article 
were brought forth, I could swear that several of these kids experienced 
something akin to a personal epiphany there in the classroom.
 During the classroom discussion, these few defended their viewpoints 
with considerable vigor, and I recall the expressions of disbelief on 
their faces as they realized that most of their classmates didn't see the 
potential of cryonics.

  Well, I thought maybe someone in this NG might find this story 
enlightening or interesting. I suppose you might conclude that the 
younger generation is at least somewhat open-minded regarding cryonics. 

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