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Date: Tue, 21 Nov 1995 22:53:21 -0800
From: John K Clark <>
Subject: Uploading


On Sun, 19 Nov 1995  Kurt Schoedel In sci.cryonics Wrote:
		>Do you really expect mind uploading to be an option before, 
		>say 2150? 
I don't know when it will be possible. It all depends on how
long it takes to develop nanotechnology, at that point
everything we can presently imagine will be either impossible or
easy, nothing will be difficult. Coincidentally, this is exactly
the same point at which the revival of cryonics patients becomes
possible, there is no way you could repair massive brain damage
at the cellular level without it. 
		>We have very little knowledge about how the brain works
That's true, but we don't need to know how the brain works to
upload it, just copy from nature,- if neuron A, B and D but NOT
neuron C fires, then neuron E will fire. Do that sort of thing for several 
trillion neurons. We don't need to understand why this complex mess works 
because we have an existence proof that it does indeed work and you are the 
proof. It is not necessary to understand a book in order to type it.

		>and it would have to be completely mapped down to atomic
I doubt if you would even need molecular resolution, much less
atomic resolution, but even if you did nanotechnology can provide that.
		>with the knowledge of how all of the chemistry responsible 
		>for thought 
Chemistry is not responsible for thought, information is. A
computer made of integrated circuits or transistors or vacuum
tubes or mechanical gears or hydraulics or protein all produce
the same outcome. How the signals are transmitted internally is
only a matter of speed , reliability, and engineering connivance.

		>the advantage to being in physical form is that you are 
		>mobile and atonymous  of any computer network.
A upload would not be stationary, although his brain might be,
he might not know or care where his brain was, he'd only be
interested in where his senses were. You don't feel static or
imprisoned even though you are floating in fluid in the dark
inside a container made of bone, your skull. You have senses, so
would an upload. 
I doubt that any cryonics patients will by revived with physical
bodies,  the powers that be would not want primitive, penniless,
people like us wasting  resources. It will be cheaper and safer
for them to upload us, we'll be charity cases so who can blame
them, besides, if you can't tell the difference why would you care?

					   John K Clark         

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