X-Message-Number: 5237
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 1995 15:06:22 -0500 (EST)
From: Robin Helweg-Larsen <>
Subject: Kids' view of Cryonics

That was a really nice posting from Randt Smith- it's nice to get a 
different perspective over how many people relate to the idea of cryonics.

I have all sorts of questions which I doubt are answerable yet: is that 
20-30% a maximum figure, from the age when people are most aware and 
open-minded?  Or is there another age which would allow a higher figure?
Is this school representative of American kids, or not?  Are Americans 
representative in this area, or not?

Are kids attracted to the idea because it makes inherent sense?  Or is it 
a great way to latch onto a revolutionary anti-establishment position?  
Are some kids for it, others against it, because it was presented by Randy 
personally or presented in the context of school?

Would more kids of this age be attracted to or accepting of the idea if 
it was a socially commonplace idea?  Or church-sponsored?  Or 

Of the kids who had previously encountered the idea in some form or 
other, how many jumped at the idea, how many resisted it?  Was novelty a 
positive factor?  Was familiarity a positive factor?

It makes intuitive sense to me that teenagers, college students, 
backpackers, sf readers, and people attending introductory classes in 
any religion, philosophy or spiritual or self-help discipline would have 
higher-than-average receptivity to cryonics; because they are all in a 
state of active world-view exploration.

Of course, "higher-than-average" doesn't require very much....  :-)

People who believe they can control everything in their life, or who 
accept responsibility for their situations, should also be more 
receptive: people who are good at time-management, self-development, 
goal-setting, etc (though not necessarily those who are half-heartedly 
studying those things).

People who are excited and positive about the future in any field 
(technology, politics, the arts, etc).

Any suggestions?

Always optimistically,

Robin HL

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