X-Message-Number: 524
From:	Ralph Merkle <>
Subject: Re:  cryonics: #517 - #522
Date:	Mon, 4 Nov 1991 18:27:38 PST

There's been some discussion about security of information at Alcor.
Briefly, it is necessary to assume that most, if not all information
at Alcor can be obtained by someone who is sufficiently motivated.
A modestly ambitious investigation run by any investigative agency
with even an ounce of competence would recover most "sensitive"
Alcor information.

Let us suppose that at some point during the next few decades some agency
of the local, state, or federal government; or the heirs of some particularly
rich suspension member, decide to investigate Alcor.  To this end, they
hire a private investigator who poses as a new and interested member of Alcor.
Following the "new members" sign-up, it becomes apparent that the "new member"
is deeply interested and volunteers to perform various tasks.  This will be
met with joy, and the "new member" will rapidly gain access to most Alcor

In my opinion it is likely that such an investigation will take place
at some point.  As a consequence, it is essential that all Alcor activities
be conducted with the possibility in mind that the activity will appear
both in a court case and in the local newspaper.

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