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From:  (David Stodolsky)
Subject: Re: Kids and Cryonics
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 95 20:40:47 +0100

In Regards to your letter <>:
>      There are some other attributes, too; such as having recently
> questioned that "death is good" programming, such as at the time of a
> parent's death, especially an early one.

Research shows that death of a close associate is one of the major
influences in getting people to think about their own finitude. This
suggests that grief counselling might be an appropriate avenue to
introduce cryonics to people. Such a service might also reduce the
risk of law suits by hostile relatives, etc. So, it might actually
pay to supply this type of service after a suspension, both as a way
to head off hostile actions and as a way to recruit new members.

Making such a service available to the general public might also be
a smart marketing move, since the takers would probably be those outside
the traditional churches which (should) support to grieving persons.
This (non-religious) population is also most likely to be receptive
to the idea of cryonics. 

This shouldn't be tried by anyone without training, and maybe not
by anyone directly working for a suspension organization.


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