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From:  (Brad Templeton)
Subject: Re: Mind Uploading -> No revival of cryonics patients
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 1995 19:48:31 GMT
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In article <>, Brian Wowk <> wrote:
>	I believe that it is a mistake to think that cryonics patients
>are going to be revived because the world at large cares.  I also

That is *exactly* my point.   However, there is some probability that
cryo-revival nano could be developed by cryonicists, but I think it's
pretty slim, and I think it's ridiculous to think you're sure that crynonicsts
can develop cryo-revival nano unless the rest of society does 98% of the
work by developing general medical nanotechnology, and cryonicists take
it the last 2% to apply this to revival.

To make an analogy, consider the development of something like the new
units for the blind which contain a GPS receiver, CD-ROM map of the area,
notebook computer and audio output device.   They let the blind walk around
town, always knowing where they are, never needing to read street signs
or worry about getting lost, as long as the batteries are up.   That's
wonderful and gives the blind great new mobility.

But no matter how much the blind might want this device, there is no way
they could have it if society didn't want to build GPS receivers, CD-ROMs,
maps, microprocessors, compilers and the works for its own purposes.
No matter *how* dedicated the blind and their allies were, they just
couldn't make this exact product.   (Sure, there are alternates the blind
have used for a long time to navigate, that's not the point, I'm talking
about this exact product, and at an affordable price.)

Some day we might have artificial intelligence because people are dedicated
to making it.  But without society to build fast computers, compilers and
software tools?  Not likely.

There are things today that Bill Gates couldn't get even if he spent all
his money, but if society has a motive to make the tools for them, he can
get them for $199.95 at the corner store.   I think cryo-revival is one of
these things.
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