X-Message-Number: 5284
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 08:47:13 -0500 (EST)
From: Robin Helweg-Larsen <>
Subject: Re: The Singularity

Things happen at different times, and at different speeds, even things 
that are apparently humanly universal.

For example, it could have been (and was) predicted that getting people 
off earth to the moon would cause a change in human consciousness, 
self-understanding, the end of war, improved ecological awareness, etc.

And it did.  but not immediately with everyone, and not all at once.  And 
the end of war has only been the end of immediate total nuclear war, but 
it can still come about in future in other situations, and war itself 
still continues.

The key image is that in 1969 when the moon landing took place, there 
were contemporary humans still living in the Stone Age, literally, in New 
Guinea if not elsewhere.  And there was all the range in between of 
different feudal and pre-capitalist and religious etc etc societies.  

All on one little planet.

People who haven't experienced this diversity would do well to pack a 
backpack, take a friend for safety and companionship, and hitchhike or 
take the cheapest available public transportation through half-a-dozen 
countries where you don't speak the language; eat the cheapest (=most 
different) food, smile a lot, and accept invitations.

Always optimistically,

Robin HL

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