X-Message-Number: 5287
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 20:47:53 -0500 (EST)
From: Robin Helweg-Larsen <>
Subject: Human Genome Project

Does anyone have suggestions for finding a news- or discussion-group 
about the Human Genome Project?

We bemoan the lack of money put in Cryonics, but it looks as though A LOT 
of money is going into HGP - anyone got numbers?  (And, though I don't 
want to start a fight of course, is any of it government money?  Is it 
true that this is a larger financial project than the Moon Landing, as I 
have heard it suggested?)

Who knows, if they put enough money in, and spend it well enough, and are 
open-minded with the possibilities that the results generate, they could 
end up solving most of the problems that cryonics faces in terms of 
suspension and revival.

(Yes, I know that they would largely obsolete the 
need for suspension, but there remains the need to revive the 
already-suspended, and there will always be a place for cryonics as 
emergency first-aid treatment before the patient can be brought to 
adequate care.)

It will also put a dent (or an early S-curve) into the 40% per annum 
growth rate in cryonicists - but perhaps only after giving it a dramatic 
but temporary upswing, as cryonics is shown to be viable.

Anyway, how far are we away from what kind of HGP results?  And where is 
there a discussion group?

Always optimistically,

Robin HL

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