X-Message-Number: 5293
Date: 29 Nov 95 10:14:47 EST
From: "Kent, Saul" <>
Subject: Service At The Life Extension Foundation

	I apologize to Bob Ettinger and anyone else who may have
experienced poor service recently when ordering products from The Life
Extension Foundation. We greatly appreciate your support and hope you
will continue ordering products from The Foundation.
	This month we were hit by the closest thing to the "singularity"
we've ever experienced. Three things happened at once. We had just
started taking orders in Florida, which had previously been taken in
Arizona, our winter sale had just begun, and the TV show HARD COPY ran
two episodes (in a week) about our aphrodisiac NATURAL SEX, which caused
something which I can only describe as "Natural Sex Mania".
	As a result, we were forced to hire a good number of new people
very quickly and our experienced employees have been put under extreme
pressure.  We're doing everything we can to make things better while, at
the same time, seeking to take advantage of new opportunities.
	The money I'm making now can be attributed directly to the
motivation of cryonics and my desire for physical immortality. I had no
such drive before I got involved in cryonics and for years my involvement
in cryonics impeded my ability to make money. It was only after I
realized that cryonics wasn't going to grow as fast as I wanted it to,
that neither the government nor private industry was likely to provide
adequate funding for life extension research, and that no "high rollers"
were likely to speed things up significantly, that I started to become
serious about making money. This did not occur until the early 1980s when
I was in my early 40s.
	Our ability to make money suffered a major setback in February
1987 when the U.S. Food & Drug Administration tried to crush us like a
bug. It is only in recent years, as our fight against annihilation by the
federal government has begun to bear fruit, that we've been able to
devote more time to business affairs.
	Our ability to make money also suffered setbacks when I became
involved in various cryonics affairs such as the fight against the
California authorities to keep my mother (and other Alcor patients)
frozen, the fight (with his relatives) over Dick Jones' estate, the
splintering of Alcor, and the subsequent formation of CryoCare.
	In the last two years, however--feeling the pressure of time and
aging (dying)--I've been devoting most of my time to making money and
investing some of that money in cryonics and life extension research.

---Saul Kent 

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