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Date:  Wed, 29 Nov 95 19:11:14 
From: Steve Bridge <>
Subject: Old Farts and Young Bucks

To CryoNet
>From Steve Bridge
November 29, 1995

   In reading and posting messages recently on uploading, revival of
cryonics patients, and the Singularity, I am struck by what seems to be a
division between what I will term as the OF (Old Farts) and the YB (Young
Bucks).  The YB enthusiastically proclaim the coming millennium and all
the cool stuff we'll do.  The OF say, "Now, hold on just a minute there,
boys.  We've been around and we know it's not going to happen that way."

     What is especially interesting is that in my own 18 years in cryonics
I have watched several YB like Mike Darwin, Thomas Donaldson, *myself*,
and even that just-past-YB Brian Wowk turn into OF.  And of course even
those who were OF way back when I was YB, like Bob Ettinger, Curtis
Henderson, and Saul Kent had their own glory days in the YB.

     I want to remind the YB that your parents were right -- you really DO
gain knowledge, perspective, and wisdom with the passing years.  You don't
become right about everything (or all of us OF wouldn't disagree on so
many other things); but the gain is significant.  And yes, even the most
OF of the OF needs new ideas and enthusiasm coming along constantly.  So
we all put up with each other.

     That said, it seems that a consensus of the OF here on Cryonet is:

1.  Technological changes will not transform society so fast that we can't

2.  Not everyone will change in the same way or at the same time.

3.  Some (maybe the majority of humans) won't change much at all.

4.  Those who are dedicated to their friends and families in suspension
will *refuse* to change in ways that cause those suspension patients to be

5.  What will happen will be different than we predict in very important
ways.  Be ready to be flexible.

6.  Every plan costs twice as much, takes three times as long, and
requires four times the hassle of your most pessimistic scenario.

7.  The universe is not user-friendly.

     I suspect that the YB enthusiasm will not change the above.  We OF
are grateful for your ideas and energy because that will help keep our own
ideas fresher -- until you slide into OF-dom yourselves and begin crabbing
about that next bunch of YB who just don't understand.  And such
"progress" is exactly how we will stay in suspension and come out again.
A bunch of future YB is going to think that designing the algorithms for
patient revival is a really creative and fun way to spend time.  AND they
will have friends and parents in suspension that they need to get out
before they move onto to "the next step of existence," whatever that may

     And when this takes longer and is a lot harder than you thought it
was going to be, just remember that we told you so.  :-)

Steve Bridge, Alcor

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