X-Message-Number: 5299
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 1995 21:08:42 -0800
From: John K Clark <>
Subject: SCI.CRYONICS Uploading and the Singularity


I've seen a lot of talk about the virtues and evils of
uploading. If you want my 2 cents, I think it's a great idea,
but that's just a preference of mine, your mileage may vary, and
their is no point in disputing matters of taste. However, I
don't think our present desires will have much influence,
regardless of your wishes it's likely that you will be an upload
someday, assuming that the freezing process doesn't hopelessly
scramble the information in your brain, and assuming that the
inhabitants of that era bother doing anything at all to you and
think you're worth something, at least worth enough to cover the
very small cost associated with the uploading process.

Some have argued from history, they say  the singularity won't
happen in the future because nothing like that has happened in
the past. Inductive reasoning of that sort should not be dismissed 
lightly unless their is are compelling reasons to the contrary. 
I think that compelling evidence does exist. I think intelligence 
will proceed in a unprecedented direction, undergo a phase change, 
and become something singular. Perhaps that's why they call it a singularity, 
not because it's a point on a curve that lacks a derivative.

                                             John K Clark      

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