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Date: Thu, 07 Nov 91 08:31:08 PST
From: David Krieger <dkrieger%>

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  Cryonics Mailing List - Nov 6 1991
    #528 - Security (Re: Bureaucrats and Cryonics) [Lovejoy]
  [... "Computer Underground Digest" mentioned a demonstration of "TEMPEST
    technology (picking up the radio waves from a monitor, and being able
    to display what's being typed up to 1.5 miles away)," so shielding of
    all monitors may be on the agenda of the most security minded. (Please
    let me know if this story about TEMPEST technology is just somebody's
    joke.) ... - KQB ]
TEMPEST is no joke; there is an entire chapter devoted to TEMPEST in
"Computer Security Basics" by D.  Russell and G.T.Gangemi (O'Reilly and
Associates, available from IEEE Books).  The term TEMPEST actually refers
to the set of *countermeasures* to such surveillance technologies that
have been approved for use at government sites, but, yes, your display is
a quite effective little transmitter.

I don't really think details on this topic are appropriate to the Cryonics
list; Kevin mentioned the discussions on Libernet and Extropians... I think
we can all agree that the best security available is appropriate to our
"retirement homes," no?
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