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Date: 08 Nov 91 02:05:19 EST
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Subject: CRYONICS: Alcor UK minutes: November

Minutes of the Alcor UK meeting, 3 November 1991

Abbreviation key:
  ASC = Alcor Southern California (not name as incorporated)
  AUK = Alcor United Kingdom (not name as incorporated)

Meeting held at the home of Alan Sinclair
  "The Thatched Cottage"
  Jevington Road
  Nr. Polegate
  East Sussex  BN26 5NX
Members in attendance:
  Russell E. Whitaker
  Garret Smyth
  Mike Price
  Alan Sinclair
  Steve Whitrow
  Andrew Clifford
  Patricia Clifford

  Sue Williams
  Leslie Bell

Meeting commenced late morning.

1.) Meeting began with a discussion of errata in or omissions from the
minutes of October's meeting, after a brief perusal of those minutes by
those present.  The only change suggested was that some of ASC's surplus
copies of *Cryonics* be sent to Mike Price, and not Alan Sinclair.  Mike
would then oversee the distribution of those back issues to those persons
locally who have made enquiries about Alcor.

2.) The two guests were welcomed by members present.  Mr. Williams and
Ms. Bell consented to public mention of their visit to the meeting.  Both
are studying in a regional training program for funeral directors, and
had been assigned a research project prior to completion of their
studies.  They had chosen cryonics as subject matter, on the advice
of a senior person in their department, someone with whom some of those
others present had interacted with in the past.
  The guests expressed great interest in the discussion.  Although it was
emphasized by Alcor members present that none of us consider our efforts
to be funerary practice, a couple did speculate that cryonics might be
offered by funeral directors in the near future as an alternative to
conventional interment and cremation.  The guests were quite interested in
our medical orientation towards our practices.
  Mr. Williams and Ms. Bell were given a tour of the facility by Alan's
business partner, while the meeting continued in their absence.

3.) The first part of the meeting was centered around the signing and
witnessing of the paperwork binding new partners in the ownership trust
of Alcor U.K.'s facilities in Eastbourne.  Signing and witnessing were
completed in that session.  It was noted that all necessary funds were
already collected in the clients' account of the solicitors handling the

4.) Questions were raised as to the status of money claimed owed by
Alcor Southern California to Alcor U.K.  This money in question was
the 75% of U.K. members' dues send to ASC, with a prior arrangement
to send that amount back to the U.K. group toward AUK's operating
fund.  Further discussion tabled until next month, pending action by
Alan and Mike in the interim.
  It was suggested that ASC send us an itemized list of money owed
by AUK, to facilitate the settling of accounts between the two
organizations.  R. Whitaker stated that he would contact ASC on this

5.) Some discussion of Alcor U.K.'s organizational structure followed.
When queried about the nature of Alcor's business structure, Alan
elaborated that, due to the nature of charitable organizations
vis-a-vis British law, it was necessary to charter the "Human Organ
Preservation Research Trust" to comply with the regulation stating
that all such organizations, to be officially recognized, must have
a name which denotes the nature of the activities pursued by its
  Alcor U.K. is itself registered as a "limited company", denoted by
the suffix "Ltd."  Activities of the organization are funded by the
  At the suggestion of R. Whitaker, those members present acted to
formalize the structure of the British organization, along lines very
similar to that of Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Riverside,
California.  It was noted that 5 of those present were present at last
month's meeting, which hosted 6 members.  It was agreed without dissent
that those most active should take positions of responsibility, with
explicit duties.  After some nomination and acceptance, the following
board was appointed:
          Officer board members/directors:
            Alan Sinclair       - President
            Garret Smyth        - Vice President
            Mike Price          - Secretary/Treasurer
            Russell E. Whitaker - Director of Research and Training
          Non-officer board members:
            Patricia Clifford
            Andrew Clifford
            Steve Whitrow

  It was noted that both Cliffords were "in-process", that is, close to
but not finished with membership sign-up.  However, given their
involvement, they were believed more attractive prospects due to their
more active involvement.  It was agreed among members present that such
be valued more for board purposes than the non-involvement of inactive
and silent fully-signed members.
  Agreement was reached that full involvement by the Cliffords be
contingent upon expeditious completion of membership paperwork.
  It was noted that the board as composed only had 7 members.  It was
generally agreed that it would remain such until another local member
becomes actively involved in AUK, and is accepted by all appointed
board members.  Such an addition would complete a board of 8 members,
making the organization very similar to that of ASC.
  Replacement of board members will in future be by the appointment of
other board members, subject to unanimity.
  Very brief discussion was had re: the suitability of a group of
members appointing themselves directors.  The matter was settled by
fiat: Alan owns AUK's charter as proprietor of record; he agreed to
the new organization, and noted that he would register a change of

6.) The first order of business after re-structuring was the assignment
of tangible duties, some of which are due completed by the next meeting,
on 8 December 1991.
  Mike Price, as Treasurer, agreed to have ready a statement of finances,
to be presented at the next meeting.  He was also placed in charge of the
asset register.
  Garret Smyth presented 2 articles intended for placement in the first
edition of the local newsletter.  Paper printout and electronic files
were transferred to Russell Whitaker, who assumed responsibility for
layout and publication of the first issue, as per specifications agreed
to 3 October 91.  Member Chris Benatar, present at last month's
meeting, will be contacted by Russell Whitaker to compare the new with
the previously existing newsletter template.
  Russell Whitaker volunteered to teach a class at the facility, on the
day of the next meeting, 8 December 91.  The subject matter will consist
of familiarization with all the items of the Transport Kit, the surgery,
the perfusion apparatus, and other items related to transport,
stabilization, and suspension operative procedures, in addition to clinical
laboratory diagnostic equipment. Due to time constraints, no attempt will
be made to teach the actual use of such items.  The equipment rundown will
be conducted in concert with a methodical inventory of all objects in the
  It was noted that most members present had varying degrees of Alcor
technical training, and that one member present had vocational medical
experience and training.  Additional training will occur at and between
subsequent meetings.
  A general cleanup and inventory will occur on both days of the weekend
of the next meeting, with those present bunking in the crew room of the
  A top priority will be insuring readiness of the ambulance.

7.) Of special note about the upcoming December meeting will be the
presence of a BBC film crew, at 1000 on 8 December.  The crew have
requested that Alcor members present "be doing something".  It was
decided that the "action" would consist of a portion of the lab
familiarization class.

8.) Some progress was noted with regard to last month's discussion of
Ralph Merkle's impending visit.  Garret Smyth had found someone
interested in sponsoring a talk by Dr. Merkle: the head of the
computer science department at Polytechnic of North London.  He gave
the electronic mail address of that person to Whitaker, who forwarded
it to Dr. Merkle.
  Russell Whitaker reported the possibility of booking an engagement
for Dr. Merkle in a speaking room at the Science Museum in London's
Kensington district.

9.) Mike Price and Garret Smyth asked Russell Whitaker to contact
ASC's president, Carlos Mondragon, and inquire about the possibility
of publishing the number of U.K. "in-process" sign-ups in the
monthly ASC magazine, *Cryonics*.  It was noted that no one in the
local organization had an accurate tally of such numbers.
  Also noted was that AUK meeting announcements were not being placed
in the magazine.  Russell Whitaker volunteered to provide that
information to ASC.  Alan added that any such announcement must be
amended to include a note to call Alan first before attempting to
visit a meeting, giving that times and locations may change.

10.) Alan Sinclair and R. Whitaker agreed to take on a major longterm
project: the construction of a MALSS (Mobile Advanced Life Support
System) cart.  The MALSS cart will be constructed with the same
functionality as ASC's, with only minor modifications for local
electrical standards and such.
  R. Whitaker will bring back a parts list and schematics from his
upcoming January trip to ASC.

11.) It was noted that the water pump for the PIB (portable ice
bath) needed a "squid" head.  The squid is a terminal end of the water
bath apparatus; others noted that such a piece could easily be
bought at a plumbing supply house.

12.) It was agreed that R. Whitaker would buy/rent 2 pagers within the
next month: one for himself and one for A. Sinclair.  A. Sinclair will
reimburse him the cost of his (Sinclair's) pager.
  The pagers will allow Sinclair and Whitaker to be on call, 24 hours/day.
Smyth agreed to be available 24 hours, when feasible, but noted that it
would be a longer period before he picked up a pager, most likely at the
end of 8 months, when he graduates from college.
  A Transport Team was formed, consisting of "24-hour on-call" members:
                 Russell E. Whitaker
                 Alan Sinclair
                 Garret Smyth
  Reserve/backup members are as follows:
                 Andrew Clifford
                 Steve Whitrow

  It was noted that only one member, R. Whitaker, was certified by ASC as
an official "Transport Technician"; however, several others present had
been trained last year in similar skills during a visit by Mike Darwin
and Jerry Leaf.

13.) A. Sinclair noted that he had been billed solicitor's fees for the
handling of funds involved in purchasing shares in the property trust.
All those present involved examined the bill and paid their shares of the
apportioned fees.

14.) M. Price agreed to send 10 or more copies of last month's minutes
to members who were not present at the meeting.  R. Whitaker gave him
an MS-DOS diskette with an ASCII file of the minutes.

15.) M. Price noted that 20 pounds were left in the Mizar account, and
R. Whitaker proposed that Mizar be merged with AUK.  M. Price mentioned
that having another corporation could be useful in the future, and that
it should be kept in reserve.
  Two "E" cylinders of oxygen at the facility are billed by British
Oxygen monthly on Mizar's account, and paid to date.  M. Price will have
B.O. transfer billing to Alcor U.K. Ltd.

16.) M. Price and G. Smyth suggested speaking with ASC about the
feasibility of ASC remote standby in the U.K. for members who are pre-paid
in their suspension arrangements.  Discussion tabled pending further
contact with Carlos Mondragon.

Meeting ended late afternoon.

Respectfully submitted,

Russell Earl Whitaker
Recording Secretary

    Alan Sinclair
    Alcor Life Extension Foundation  (Riverside, California)
    Alcor Life Extension Foundation  (Riverside, California)

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