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From:  (Brian Wowk)
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Subject: Re: Trans Time, Inc.
Date: 6 Dec 95 19:01:49 GMT
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> sez:
>> Hi, anyone know if  Trans Time has a web page.  I know Alcor does.  

>To my knowledge, they don't have a page, but then again Art Quaife would
>probably be able to say for sure... Art?

>> By the
>> way, any thoughts as to which cryonics groups are the most legitimate?

>I think you'll find that the most legitimate cryonics organizations will 
>be the ones that have been around a while and gained a reputation for 
>themselves. Alcor, for example, has been in existence for over 20 years
>and has proven itself worthy again and again. The other cryonics groups
>such as ACS, CI and Trans Time have done likewise. There are also new
>additions to the industry, such as a conglomerate like CryoCare, but until 
>they have been around for a while and proved themselves as the others 
>have, then they should of course be treated accordingly.

	The last thing I want for Christmas is a flame war with
David Cosenza, but... there is more to a cryonics organization than
a company name.  There is also the people that make it up.  All of
the aforementioned organizations (with the exception of CI) have
undergone radical changes in personnel within the last few years,
so it's really a whole new ball game.  No one can tell you about
that better than ACS, who recently chose to move almost their
entire patient population from venerable Trans Time to upstart
CryoSpan.  It should also be noted (for posterity, if nothing else)
that many of the people now working for CryoCare and its service
providers bear a large measure of responsibility for Alcor's 
haven "proven itself worthy again and again" over the past 20
years.  It's not as though we are just in off the street around

Brian Wowk
CryoCare Foundation     

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