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Date: Tue, 12 Nov 91 10:59:43 PST
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	[CRYONICS Security needs; From: ]

	"Do cryonics organizations have anything they need to keep secret other
	than the names of those members who want their identites kept secret?"

A much more important issue than simple secrecy (for the purposes of
confidentiality) is the issue of authentication.  It is vital that the
veracity of one's information be safeguarded in order to avoid being misled,
harrased by sabotage, or even framed.  This is an especially serious concern
when records are seized by government agents.  The big issue is forgery, not

Digital signatures are the main line of defense against forgery.  But
encryption helps by hiding information that could be useful in
constructing more believable forgeries.  Besides, how does one
meaningfully alter an encrypted document that one cannot decrypt (other
than by completely destroying it)?

However, confidentiality can be important as well.  Alcor's ability to provide
confidentiality may influence sign up decisions of those who are in the public
eye, or who otherwise must fear general disclosure of their interest in
cryonics.  I have personal knowledge of one such secret cryonicist, and I am
sure there are others.  As for mailing lists: mail can be sent to aliases at
post office boxes.

-- alan ()

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