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Date: Thu, 14 Nov 91 20:56:52 +0100
From:  (David Stodolsky)
Subject: CRYONICS: Epidemiology of ideas

Goffman, W.
Newill, V.A.
Generalization of epidemic theory, an application to the transmission of
Nature, vol. 204, 1964, pp. 225-228.

Looks like the "meme" idea has been around for a while. I haven't seen
this ref in any of the current work.

As a professional psychologist, and someone who has made an attempt to
evaluate the meme concept, I find the current work empty. When a see an
article with the term "meme" in it, I skip to the next one. Let's try
putting some more solid content into an approach to marketing cryonics.

There is some work in psychology on "transport systems of ideas," etc.
It seems the term "meme" covers the details of a quite complex system of
interacting elements, thereby making more detailed analysis problematic.
When I see some research from the Madison Ave. marketing researchers
using "memes," I might take another look at the concept. I not holding
my breath :-).

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