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Subject: INNOVATION, 1 January 1996

Having recently completed extensive surveys of their emerging over-50
readership, the magazines Modern Maturity and New Choices have found that
the aging Baby Boom generation is dramatically different from former
generations of readers.  Many of the people in the new 50-plus group feel as
if they are starting a new life.  A research director for one of the surveys
says:  "The most important thing about that group is that they have been
through so much change and this means they are open to newer different
products."  Some will retire to travel, engage in sports, and live busy
lives;  others (especially those who were negligent with regard to saving
money) will continue working longer than previous generations.  So Modern
Maturity is planning two separate versions of its magazine by the end of
1997:  one for readers who work and one for ones who are retired.  (New York
Times 18 Dec 95 C5)

Feeling creative?  Feeling old?  Productivity and age have different
dynamics in different fields.  There are four main divisions:  "early peak,
not sustained" careers such as most fields of professional athletics, heavy
manual labor, mathematics and theoretical physics, and chess;  "early peak,
sustained" careers such as economics, literature, musical composition,
painting and sculpture, and musical performance;  "late peak, not sustained"
careers such as top managers of very large firms, who get their jobs when in
their late fifties and then retire in their early sixties;  and "late peak,
sustained" careers such as judging.  In general, leadership has a later peak
than creativity, because successful leadership tends to require
interpersonal skills, a wide network of acquaintances, practical experience,
emotional maturity, and responsibility -- traits developed over time.
(Richard A. Posner, "Aging and Old Age," (University of Chicago Press 1995


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