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Date: 6 Feb 96 17:40:20 GMT
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>I am a college student also working on a paper of this topic.  If possible, 
>please email me scientific journals and papers in all aspects of cryonics.  
>Any help anyone can provide me would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks for any 
>help that anyone can give me on this topic.

	While there is a large base of peer-reviewed literature on the
subject of cryobiology (biology in general at low temperatures), there
is little formally published material on cryonics (freezing people and
brains for future reanimation).  In fact, there are only two papers
I am aware of in the general scientific literature that discuss cryonics.
They are

	Drexler K E, "Molecular Engineering: An Approach to the Development
	of General Capabilities for Molecular Manipulation" PNAS (USA),
	78: 5275-5278 (1981).

	Merkle R C, "The Technical Feasibility of Cryonics" Medical Hypotheses,
	39: 6-16 (1992).

Drexler's nanotechnology book, Engines of Creation, also has an
excellent chapter on cryonics. 

	There is a much larger base of privately published, or electronically
published literature on cryonics.  The Alcor Life Extension Foundation
has a rich collection of hardcopy publications on all aspects of cryonics.
(Write to ).  Perhaps the most up-to-date information can
be found at the Web site of the CryoCare Foundation (URL below), including
the ongoing series of technical monographs ("BPI Tech Briefs") published
by BioPreservation, the world's most advanced cryonics service and research
company (IMHO).

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