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Subject: American Cryonics News
From: spectrx! (Edgar W. Swank)
Date: Mon, 09 Dec 91 09:03:20 PST


ACS Election Schedule

12-8-91  Deadline for receipt of candidates' election material for
         first mailing

12-10-91 First mailing to members of candidates election material

12-23-91 Recommended last day by which candidates should mail in
         election material for second mailing to members

1-5-92   Deadline for receipt of election material from candidates for
         second mailing to members.

1-8-92   Ballots and second mailing of election material sent out to

1-23-92  Recommended last day by which members should mail back

2-2-92   Annual meeting and election

ACS "Painless" Payment Plan

Not only is it now possible to pay your ACS dues monthly, but you can
now even arrange to have your monthly payment deducted automatically
from your checking account --- thus saving you having to write another
check AND assuring ACS of a predictable monthly cash flow.

Contact the ACS office for details.


Trans Time would like to obtain a used ambulance or possibly even a
motor home which could be outfitted as a cryonics rescue vehicle.
This CRV would enable suspension team members to travel to the scene
of a patient who has or is about to deanimate and initiate critical
preliminary procedures while enroute to the facility where the
suspension will be completed.  If you have or know of a suitable
vehicle that may be available, please contact Trans Time.

 (Edgar W. Swank)
SPECTROX SYSTEMS (408)252-1005
Silicon Valley, Ca

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