X-Message-Number: 5755
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 1996 23:58:39 -0500 (EST)
From: Robin Helweg-Larsen <>
Subject: Alcor CryoTechFest; investment opportunities

I want to thank the Scottsdale Alcor group for the excellent weekend they 
put together!  It was very necessary for me *personally*; CryoNet is 
wonderful, but even better now that I have so many faces to put to the 
names and opinions I have learnt; depending on definitions, there were 
participants present from every Cryonics organization.  For those who 
missed it, Ben Best, Paul Segall, Hal Sternberg and Bob Ettinger were 
featured speakers along with Steve Bridge, Ralph Merkle, Tom Donaldson, 
Mark Voelker and Gayle Pergamit.  My optimism about humanity, the future, 
cryonics, etc, was justified and strengthened.

Of course, the talks themselves were useful!  There was a wide range of 
subjects, but throughout them was the wonderful feeling of a common 
history and common goal being reviewed from very individual standpoints.  

One point which came out a couple of times, but not in much specific 
detail, was that there are opportunities in cryonics for people to invest 
(if they are comfortable with high risk) as in any cutting-edge biotech 
area.  Is there a way that we can get all the opportunities spelled out, 
maybe updated on a quarterly basis, on the CryoNet?  Living in the 
boonies I feel that people in the centers of activity may share a lot of 
information, and not even be aware how little the rest of us know.

It was a feast for the soul (if I may use the word) to attend the Festival!

Thank you!

Robin HL

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