X-Message-Number: 576
Subject: Funds Raised!
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 91 12:39:26 PST

Hi there!  I will be contributing $5000 for the Alcor New York Heart-
Lung Resuscitator.  Paul Wakfer will be giving Alcor New York the 
money around December 15th.  I'll be paying him back over the next 10 
years.  This will mean that my group has raised about $5300 compared 
to New York's raising $1000.  I hope this gives the New York group 
the incentive to raise the remaining $1000 that they need.  
Oh, please make an announcement to this effect to the mailing list so 
other people get the idea of using Paul Wakfer to make donations.  
I'm the first person to use his service, he was afraid that it would 
never be used.
                                                           Eric Klien

[ INCREDIBLE!!!!  The Alcor New York folks WILL raise the remaining
  $1000!  (That's the least they can do!) - KQB ]

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