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Date: Thu, 22 Feb 1996 0:05:06 -0600 (CST)
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Subject: Telekinesis and Gene Structure             (Mac Tonnies)

I believe any worthwhile philosophy of transhumanism must be ready to cope with
the potential of latent "psychic" phenomena.  Telekinesis, for example, has
been firmly established as an empirical truth--it is the _nature_ of the
process that is unexplained, not whether or not it occurs.  Sadly, this depends
on what researcher you're talking to.  Carl Sagan is quick to denounce it, of
course, but virtually any competent clinical experimentor with experience will
admit (however grudgingly) that there is "something to it."

Granted that there is a fundamental trans-neural force at work, what are its
implications for a human of the post-nanotech future?

One possibility that needs to be considered is conscious manipulation of the
genetic structure.  The next few thousand years may witness an increasingly
refined "biofeedback" technique through which genetic ailments are engineered
out of existence by the mind itself.

Why not?  If one accepts that the human brain can influence material objects
outside of its own physical vicinity, can't one imagine individual chromosomes
and genes being similarly manipulated?  And if nanoscopic "influence" of this
sort is indeed a possibility, one is almost forced to expect educated,
purposeful control of cellular data--up to and including DNA itself.

Thus aging, morphology and a host of other predispositions could be altered,
deflected or eradicated without the use of conventional medical technology.

The implications are astounding and hard to accept.  But _if_ telekinesis is
recognized as a genuine neural attribute (and eventually the evidence for this
will prove overwhelming), it is one that will have powerful effects on the
concept of immortality.

Cryonicists seem like an intelligent, rational group of people.  And while
arbitrary speculation like this doesn't conform to the nuts-and-bolts ethic 
that dominates this forum, I'd be interested in a virtual "show of hands" of
readers willing to consider as-of-now unidentified telekinetic processes as
significant--even if remotely. 

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