X-Message-Number: 586
Date: 21 Dec 91 21:57:21 EST
From: Thomas Donaldson <>
Subject: Re: cryonics: #585

Of course I agree with Kevin's comments. If we live for 70 years then
that means that we might have, say, 4 children in 70 years. If we live
for 7000 then that means 4 children in 7000. I like children too, but
increasing lifespan, EVEN WITH POPULATION ISSUES, does not deny anyone
the opportunity to have children. It is almost certain to lower the 
number of children born per year to almost 0.

As for not being an eldest child, Gee --- I was an eldest child, and
got saddled with all the chores for the others. But such is living. I
don't know any technological way we can make you grow up as an eldest
child rather than the youngest child, all over again.

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