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Subject: CRYONICS - Festival Query
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> 9 PM - late, panel discussion on "Tips on Explaining Cryonics to Your
>   Children, Your Friends, and Groups (By Formal Presentation)."

As a Toastmaster (member of a public speaking club), I'd be interested
in who is on that panel.  Also, has any previous L.E. gathering addressed
this issue?  (Materials might be available now.)

Is the Lake Tahoe Festival well attended by all three cryonics organizations?


[ Roy, I do not recall hearing anyone at a cryonics conference mention any
  public speaking clubs, such as Toastmasters, or any other general-purpose
  program on public speaking.  I expect this panel session to concentrate on
  more cryonics-specific topics such as "the death of death in cryonics".
  (See message #50.)  Bringing Toastmaster materials does sound like a good
  idea, however, since anyone who presents cryonics to the public could use
  public speaking skills.  (Since I am currently Educational Vice President
  of my Toastmasters club, perhaps I should expand my role and bring some
  Toastmaster materials to the conference!)
  The Chamberlains have not hosted a Lake Tahoe Life Extension Festival since
  the fall of 1986, and that is the only one that I have attended.  My ROUGH
  guess is that at that conference about 50 people attended, about 60% of whom
  were ALCOR people, 20% ACS, 5% Cryonics Institute, and the remainder not
  affiliated with any particular cryonic suspension organization.  For more
  accurate figures or any other conference information the best source is the
  Chamberlains - (916) 542-1329/1331 days or (916) 577-4746 in the evening.
  - Kevin Q. Brown ]

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