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From:  (Brad Templeton)
Subject: Real cryonics application
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 1996 00:45:13 GMT
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Well, today a real cryonics application appeared.  With the successful
cloning of higher mammals, if you have a kid, you should fertilize the
kid in vitro, wait until it has about 128 cells, take a bunch of them and
implant the DNA in the mother's eggs, and if viable embryos form, freeze
them to liquid N2 temperature.

Then, later in life, your kid could have a clone made.

Of course, likely to be highly illegal, even if all the clone was was a
normal child.  Don't even ask the lawyers about what happens if you
raise the clone brain-dead as an organ bank.

However, chances are in 30 years another technology will come along to
allow organ reconstruction or growth or the implanatation of organs
without matching DNA -- or cloning from methylated DNA -- so you would not
need it.
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