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From: John Sharman <>
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Subject: Re: Cryonics/Legal/Gerbils
Date: Thu, 07 Mar 96 12:27:33 GMT
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In article <>  "Brian Wowk" writes:

> In <> John Sharman <>
>  writes:
> >You miss my point. The word "Your" is the main ground of objection.
>         The slogan "Your Gateway to the Future" is three months old,
> and does not yet appear on any printed literature.  If in your professional
> opinion, simply removing "Your" will improve the level of informed consent
> we obtain from new members, my board of directors and I will consider
> your suggestion seriously.

I consider that the substitution of the word "A" for "Your" would
prevent the slogan being a false trade description. If you were to add a
question mark at the end, then there could be no sensible allegation
that it was misleading in any way.

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