X-Message-Number: 591
From:	Ralph Merkle <>
Subject: Nature reviews Great Mambo Chicken
Date:	Mon, 30 Dec 1991 11:01:13 PST

A review of "Great Mambo Chicken and the Transhuman Condition" by
Ed Regis, appeared in Nature (Vol 354, November 28, 1991, page 338).

One paragraph was quite amusing:

"You may of course take the view that the future, when Earth is but a star
that once had shone, can be left for your grandchildren to trouble
themselves about, but, in California at least, the opinion seems to
have taken hold that death is discretionary.  There is, for instance,
the alternative course of having your head detached and preserved in
liquid nitrogen until such time as the trifling problems that still
stand in the way of growing a disease-proof body from the neck down
have been overcome.  Cephalariums, full of bubbling [sic] vats of heads,
already clutter the western seaboard.  Some 25 years ago, as Regis
reminds us, a paper appeared in this very journal with the good news
that a cat brain, brought to room temperature after six months in the
freezer, at once began to put out electrical signals little different
from those generated by the living cat ['Viability of Long Term Frozen
Cat Brain in Vitro' by Isamu Suda, K. Kito and C. Adachi; Nature,
Vol 212, October 15 1966]."

Great Mambo Chicken is now available in paperback, $8.95 (from the local
bookstore that I called).

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