X-Message-Number: 593
Date: 06 Jan 92 18:50:43 EST
From: Michael Clive Price <>
Subject: e-mail addresses of cryonet users

your CRYOMSG facility seems to work fine.  A great idea!  Thanks. 

I'd be grateful if you could broadcast this generally on cryonet, unless
there's already some cryonet e-mail directory.  I am trying to get the e-mail
addresses of people on cryonet.  If I understood your last message
correctly there doesn't seem to be a centrally held list that is
available to cryonet members.  If I'm right, is there any reason why this
is so?  Or is this the same as a forum?  I'm still quite green about
e-mail, so this could be a daft question.

I'm quite happy for my e-mail address to be broadcast to other cryonet
members.  Anyone who wants to reciprocate, please do!  I'll broadcast the
addresses I receive at a later date, except for people who ask to be

[ Mike, creating an accessible list of email addresses is an interesting
  idea.  My main concerns are protecting privacy, for those who want it,
  and, a far second, how to properly maintain such a list.  To be safe,
  I have considered a person's membership in the cryonics mailing list
  to be confidential until that person chooses to post a message (the
  header of which contains the person's name and email address) to the
  list, thereby breaking anonymity.  I haven't ever explicitly announced
  such a policy, until now; I have just followed it.
  By Jan. 11 I will create a file 593.1, accessible by sending email
  to me with the subject line "CRYOMSG 593.1", with the names and email
  addresses of everyone who posted a message within the past six months
  (ie. messages 377 through 593).  If anyone wants to be OFF this list
  despite posting a message, please let me know!  Also, if anyone has
  not posted a message within the past six months and DOES want to be on
  the list, please let me know.  (I realize that I am co-opting Michael's
  offer to generate the list, but frankly, it will be a lot easier for me
  to do it than anyone else since I have the archives readily available
  on-line and thus can save a lot of people who post messages frequently
  from having to send email to me to get on the list.)
  Now what should go in this list and how should it be maintained?
  Names and email addresses are good.  That is what I will put in message
  593.1.  If you want your physical addresses, phone numbers, etc. added,
  then please let me know.  But please remember to tell me when some of this
  information changes.  Out-of-date information may be even worse than none
  at all. - KQB ]

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